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The DiplomatThe Harsh Life of Thailand's Migrant WorkersThe DiplomatMeanwhile, British activist Andy Hall is facing prolonged legal action after alleging labor abuses in Thailand's tinned fruit industry. Hall conducted research for a report, published by a Finnish NGO, which outlined cases of human trafficking, child ...and more »
ForbesDinner Chatter In Thailand Wasn't Stuff Of Diplomatic PunditryForbesInfluential foreign-affairs publication The Diplomat took note at the weekend of Thailand's increasing economic embrace by and of China, as signified by a Bangkok visit at the time by Premier Li Keqiang. Various development projects, including those ...CLMV officials stress need for proper monetary infrastructureThe NationVietnam, Thailand agree on improving road transportationPattaya MailChina pledges $11.5 billion to Mekong neighbors, looking to allay regional fearsThe Japan TimesThe Star Online -Business Recorder -VietNamNet Bridgeall 295 news articles »
The DiplomatThailand's Military Junta Destroys Democracy, Enjoys Exercising Power ...ForbesBut the junta recently announced that it was putting off any vote and maintaining martial law since the generals needed more time to complete their “reforms”—to cement their enduring influence. They appear to enjoy holding political office. General ...Thailand's Twelve Turbulent MonthsThe Diplomatall 3 news articles »

Real estate and property

In Thailand, the Commercial and Civil Code defines the essential guidelines about what constitutes property and its different forms. It is completed by several laws, like the Land Code, which are specific to some fields of Law.

This section regulates what the obligations of a buyer are or those of a person who sells real estate? Should you have a quality guarantee? Can a foreigner own land in Thailand? What about a house? What is a mortgage or other forms of priorities? What about condos? Are there special rules for foreigners? What about taxes? Who pays them and when do they have to be paid? What is a usufruct contract and how it can protect you?

To invest in an immovable property represents an important investment for you. You should consult specialists in order to get protection and peace of mind. Here is some information about Property Law and Real estate in Thailand.

Family Law

Family law is a really big sector of law because it covers such domains as adoption, divorce, matrimony law, unwed couples or civil unions, Thai child custody, legal separation, etc. For example, in a divorce case, one must think about alimony payments, fair share of wealth and goods, family patrimony, child custody and the possibility of mediation or court proceedings. When a couple want to divorce while agreeing on such accessory matters, they can get their divorce at a low cost and still see that each person’s rights be respected. You might avoid costly court procedures and sometimes also avoid the inconvenience of having children or other people testify for you or against you.

Have a look at our articles about family law. We have included inheritance under Thai Law and living Wills in Thailand in this section. It's not really part of family law and should be under property. However, at your death, your family members or loved ones will probably get your assets. So, it's well connected to the people living around you.

Corporate Law

Corporate law addresses moral people or companies. Do you want to create a Thai limited company (LLC), a partnership, a non-profit organization?  Do you know all the different types of enterprises, companies, and the effect of a choice between them, including fiscal effects, or what will happen in case of liquidation?

There is a variety of company structures, from the very simple to the very complex. Check our section BUSINESS. We have also included in this section articles and information about personal and corporate taxes, importation, exportation, work permits and other aspects related to business in Thailand.



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Thai Laws

If you are looking for some Laws of Thailand, in English, you came to the right place. It's often difficult if you can't read Thai to find out what you need. Our website is equipped with powerful search engines. With some efficient keywords, you should be able to find what you are looking for.

Remember that the constitution is the supreme law, the most important law of the country. Thailand has had many constitutions in its history. Another very important law is the Commercial and Civil Code. It regulates most of the life in Thai society, like marriage, property, inheritance, divorce, filiation, contracts, etc. However, some special laws may complete the Thai Commercial and Civil Code.

Laws can be amended or modified often. Don't hesitate to consult a professional if you need some real legal advice. This website is aimed only to circulate general information.

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