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Saturday June 24, 2017
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Last will and testament for Thailand



Our price: 6,000 baht (10,000 baht if you wish one for your partner also).

The average price for a Will done by a Thai law firm is normally higher.  

A last Will and testament is an important document. It defines how your estate will be distributed at your death. If you don't have a Last Will, the Law will decide who will inherited of your estate.

Because laws of all countries are different, most law firms will recommend to make a Will in all the jurisdiction where you have some properties. You could technically make one last Will for all countries but there could be some conflict and it will be more difficult to execute.

Many foreigners in Thailand believe they don't own anything because all their properties in Thailand are under their Thai spouse's name. That is a mistake. For example, if you bought a car under your wife's name after marriage, the car is normally common property (sin somros) and legally owned 50-50 by each spouse. It is important that if you make a Will in Thailand, to mention that it does NOT revoke another previous Will made in a foreign country.

In your Last Will, you must nominate an administrator of your estate (called executor in Common law countries). This person will manage your estate at your death and will follow the instructions written in your Last Will.


Simple explanation about Thai Wills


Our price for drafting a Last Will and Testament will include some legal advice, instructions and we will follow your intentions. All our Wills are bilingual, Thai and English.We can also keep a copy of your Last Will, signed, in our fire-proof safe for free.

CONTACT US by email. Explain the services required and give us details, a timetable and the most information possible. We will answer you in less than 72 hours.


More about Last Wills and testament in Thailand:

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