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Sunday June 25, 2017
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Usufruct agreement in Thailand online


Our price to draft a usufruct contract online: 5,000 baht.

Most Law firm will ask you the double.



Under Thai Law, the owner of a piece of land (immovable property) can grant the right of usufruct to another person, or many people, foreigners or not. The person receiving this right of usufruct is called usufructuary. The usufructuary can enjoy, use and possess the land for a limited period of time (maximum 30 years) or for his lifetime (even more than 30 years).

Following a Supreme Court judgment, a usufruct agreement must be registered to be valid and enforced to third parties.You can only register a usufruct contract on land having title deeds Nor Sor Sam or higher (like Chanote). Most land department in Isaan will refuse to register 2 rights on the same title deed. It means you can not register a usufruct over a mortgage or on top of a lease.

You must register a usufruct agreement at the local land department. The local land department is written on your title deed. When you register a usufruct, your name will appear on the back of the title deed written in Thai, if you are a foreigner or a Thai person. The land department do have contracts or forms but these are basic and our agreements will give you more protection at a low cost. They will be like an addendum to the usufruct you register at the land department at do worth the money you will pay for.

A usufruct is a real right. It means that it's attached to a thing, meaning the immovable property.
Even if the owner of the land die, or if the land is sold, the usufructuary will keep his right to stay on this piece of land. Usufruct agreements are a very easy way to protect a foreigner married to a Thai spouse, in case something happens to her.

This usufruct contract ends at when the usufructuary dies (if it's done for lifetime) or when the period of time is expired according to the contract.

Sections 1417 to 1428 of the Thai Commercial and Civil Code are related to usufruct contract in T
Our price for drafting a usufruct agreement include instructions how to register it yourself at the land department. We will also modify the contract if you need to, give you legal advice and personalize the contract for your situation. All our agreements are bilingual, Thai and English and draft by register Thai attorneys.

If you have any problem, you can always call us and we will try to help you on the phone. Should you wish one of our Thai lawyer to register this agreement, we can also do it but the price will be  higher, depending on your location.We can normally draft a usufruct agreement in less than 48 hours after receiving payment and documents.

CONTACT US BY FILING A REQUEST HERE. Explain the services required and give us details, a timetable and the most information possible. We should answer you in less than 48 hours.




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