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Simple divorce agreement for Thailand - Thai / English - Example - Sample

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 Simple Divorce Agreement

Example of Divorce agreements in Thailand.


The following "templates" are really not the best agreements you can do. You should include in a divorce agreement clauses explaining where did you get married, what about the children and the separation of the common property. Other clauses about alimony or child support can be added. The best would be to make an agreement in Thai and English, so you can understand what you sign. But at the amphur, they will ask you to make another document, only in Thai, that will explain your main clauses in the marriage, about the children, alimony, support and common property. Be sure to know what you sign because once it's signed, to modify it, you will need to go in Court. We have heard about foreigners signing a divorce at the amphur in Thai and couldn't read Thai. They had a big surprise when they understand it was exactly the opposite as what they intended to do.


If you ask us to draft a divorce agreement, it will be in Thai and English, much more complete than following and costs will be low. Expect to pay between 1,000 to 6,000 baht, depending on the cases, children or not, the complexity of the contract and others. That will include legal advice and  instructions how to register your divorce. We can also provide some help on the phone, if there is a communication problem at the amphur. All costs are inclusive. It probably worths it to get good legal advice and be sure that your contract is strong and fully valid.



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