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vendredi juin 23, 2017
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Immigration to Thailand


Visa types (English) for foreigners coming to Thailand from the Ministry of foreign affairs


A) Laws, regulations and rules


    1. Nationality Act B.E. 2508 (1965) with amendments until B.E. 2551 (2008) - English translation (Thaivisa)
    2. Immigration Act(In English)
    3. Nationality Act (In English)
      Persons not permitted to enter the kingdom (English)
    4. Border runs - New regulations of June 2009 limitating to 4 times.
    5. 90 days notification
    6. Immigration offices in Isaan
    7. Immigration Bureau Order No. 38/2552 of Immigration Bureau – English translation by Isaan Lawyers. Strict requirement to use local immigration office
    8. Immigration Bureau Order No. 38/2552 of Immigration Bureau – Thai text
    9. Bangkok Immigration Announcement regarding 90-day address notification
    10. Thai Police Order 777/2551 – translated by Issan Lawyers: basis for extension of stay
    11. Thai Police Order 777/2551 – Thai text
    12. Immigration Bureau Order 305/2551 – documents for extension of stay (translated by Tilleke & Gibbins)
    13. Immigration Bureau Order 305/2551 – Thai text
    14. Immigration Bureau's rules for annual extension of stay – English website
      a. As of latest update of this post, the Immigration's website was not
      yet updated in accordance with the new rules of National Police Order
      b. Some links on the Immigration's website may not work in some Internet browsers but will most probably work with Microsoft Internet Explorer
    15. Thai Police Order 608/2549 amended by Police Order 778/2551 – English translation: visa-exempt stay limitation
    16. Thai Police Order 778/2551 – Thai text
    17. Immigration Act B.E. 2522 – English translation
    18. Immigration Act B.E. 2522 – Thai text
    19. 90-day address report by mail


B) Permanent residence; Thai nationality

    1. Camerata's Guide to Permanent Residence
    2. Application for Permanent Residence – Immigration website
    3. dbrenn's story of Thai citizenship application
    4. Thai citizenship through Thai husband
    5. Permanent residency requirements (English) December 2003


C) Links and information


Visa (from Thai embassy/consulate)


  1. Visa types and requirements – website of Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  2. Latest Reports Of Getting A Visa In The Region
  3. Visa Application Form (PDF). However, most consulates require the use of their own forms.
  4. What does the visa expiration date mean? – website of the Immigration Bureau
  5. Thai Consulate Offices in the United States
  6. Interactive website to check passport, visa and ticket requirements for travel to Thailand




Permission to stay, extension of stay, re-entry permit and other immigration matters


  1. Visa Period of stay allowed by Immigration
  2. Address and Google Map location of immigration offices



D) Thai citizens wishing to go abroad


Documents needed to apply for a passport for a Thai person (English)


Tourist visa



Fiance/Wife/Spouse/Family visa



Other kinds of visa

(under construction)


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