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FAQ about work permit in Thailand

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Updated in 2017.

FAQ about work permit and immigration to Thailand.

1) Can a foreigner work in Thailand?

A foreigner must obtain a work permit prior to commencing work in Thailand, unless exempted.

2) Where do you apply for a work permit?

At the local labour department office.

3) If a foreigner works in Thailand but his salary is paid by the parent company outside Thailand, is he required to have a work permit?

Yes, because he/she works in Thailand. It doesn't matter where the money comes from but all foreigners working on the Thai territory, even without gratification, must have a valid work permit unless exempted.

4) Can a foreigner commence work after the filing of a work permit application?

Not until a work permit is granted or approval to do so is granted by the government agency concerned, unless working for a business promoted by the BOI (Board of investment)

5) Can a foreigner have 2 jobs description in a work permit?


6) Is there a maximum number of years for a foreigner to live and work continuously in Thailand?

No, a foreigner can live and work continuously as long as applicable permits and visa are renewed. In 2008, work permits could be given for 2 years. This was later changed and it's currently 1 year. 

7) If a Thai company wishes to have a foreign technician install machinery and then teach Thai staff how to operate the machinery for 1-2 weeks, would the foreigner be required to apply for a work permit?

In case of necessary and urgent work to be carried out over a period of not more than 15 days, a work permit is not required. However, a notification needs to be filed with the authority.

8) Can a foreign company apply for work permits for its employees?

No. Only a legal entity registered in Thailand or a Thai sponsor is eligible to apply for work permits.

9) How much does a work permit cost approximately?

The government fees are about 3,000 baht per year. (2017)


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