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According to section 1546 of CCCT, when a child is born and the mother is NOT married to the father, the father has no LEGAL RIGHTS over the child. Only the mother has rights (and obligations) over the child. This is maybe surprising for you if you come from a western countries. To get more information, visit our page about custody of Thai children.

Thailand’s outgoing military government has approved bills legalising medical marijuana and same-sex civil unions, putting the south-east Asian country ahead of most of its neighbours in legal reforms on both fronts before a February election.

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As mentioned by the Bangkok Post on September 25, 2017:

The Central Investigation Bureau (CIB) is stepping up its suppression of illegal drone activities, saying many drone enthusiasts don't realise they are required by law to seek permission before flying... 

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In Thailand, if your drone is more than 2kg or has a camera, you must register your drone. And to register it, you will need to pay insurance for it.

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