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Samples of Thai prenuptial agreement.

Please have a look here to get a professional template of a prenuptial agreement binding in Thailand: Thailand prenuptial agreement.

There are different ways to draft prenuptial agreements under Thai Law. Unfortunately, many forms or templates are not really professional. Remember that this document is very important. It's mainly a document aiming to protect your assets. Therefore, you really want a good agreement that will be valid and protect you as much as it can. By hiring a professional in prenuptial agreements, you will also learn what can be done and what can't be done.

A good attorney will need to ask you many details in order to make the best contract for you.-Your nationality / your age / the location of your assets / the quantity of your assets / your intentions in the futures, etc. A lot of information is necessary.

The following is an example of prenuptial agreement only in Thai. It has only 2 pages, no translation, and it's not a very good agreement. We didn't draft it! It was on Internet as an example. That is a bad example of prenuptial agreement.

You must understand that we have seen people in the past coming to our office with contracts like that. And they paid for it. If you pay for a prenuptial, be sure that you get a good agreement, valid where you want it to used, that it is done by a registered attorney who has experience in prenuptial agreements, and on top of that, that it has been explained to you how it works and the limitations of that agreement.

The next agreement is just a small example from one of our contracts (It's only actually 2 pages on an 18 page contract, both Thai and English.). Our contracts are adapted to each client so this is just the beginning, pages 2 and 3, to show you what it looks like. We hope you can see the difference in style and quality. The assets of the parties are included in annexures, which is very important and missing in the first prenuptial; above.

Be careful: We have seen foreign clients having made a foreign prenuptial with a foreign lawyer abroad. They married a Thai lady and came to live in Thailand. Unfortunately, their contract was almost useless here. Each country is different and a prenuptial can be very complicated. We have done a 40 page prenuptial for some clients in the past. You will understand that these "custom made" agreements are more expensive. But a general Thai prenuptial agreement can be easily done online. We will ask you many questions, we will revise the contract with you, we will explain to you the law and possibilities. A professional Thai prenuptial agreement can save you a lot of money...


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