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Q1: Which organization needs to be registered a social security fund, how long for the execution, and what documents need to be prepared?


Answer Employer that employ employee from 1 or more must register employer registration and employee registration to enroll their insurance within 30 day and when there are more new employees into work must register new employees’ registration within 30 days as well.

Evidence must be presented to the employer registration.


In case of registered legal entities

1.  Employer registration form (สปส.1-01)

2.  A copy or photograph for registration certificates with purpose

3.  Copy or photographof register value added tax (ภพ20)or a copy or photograph registrationrequest of value added tax (ภพ01) or a copy, or photograph of specific business tax(ภ.ท20or a copy,  or photo of factory  licenses (รง4)

4.  Location of workplace Map

5.  Power of Attorney (only empowered people with ready-made stamp duty as the assigned revenue allowance) As follows:

-   Empowered to single people or multiple people performed once. Stamp duty baht 10

-   Empowered to single people or multiple people participation more than once. Stamp duty baht 30

-   Empowered to act more than once, multiple people do different activities, separate action, duty stamp list for people who receive grants. Stamp duty 30 $ per person


In case of single owner

1.  Employer registration form (สปส1-01)

2.  A copy or identification card photo or a copy, or house registration photo (foreigner use the copy or photograph of passport or foreigner identification voucher)

3.  Evidence of doing business for example evidence from monitoring of workplace. Contract rental / books consent to place specific licenses, etc.

4.  Copy or photograph of the registered trader/ permit licenses issued in accordance with the laws that clearly stating your name, address,

5.  Photo copy or taxpayer permit,factorylicenses (รง 4)or the photocopyof registered value added taxVAT (ภพ 20or specific business tax photos (ภท20)

6.  Location of workplace Map

7.  Power of Attorney (only empowered people with ready-made stamp duty as the assigned revenue allowance)


In case of workplace registration at service unit of the department of business development, commercial documents are including:

1.  Copy of the สสช1

2.  Photocopy of certificate (legal entitiesregistered)

3.  A register of insured in case of being theinsured (สปส.1-03/1)

4.  Workplace location map with phone number


Except for the

1.  The register of insured (สปส.1-03)

2.  The selection of healthcare (สปส. 9-02)

Becauseof the insured need to be filled in the details by themself and then bring them to thesocial security office not exceed30 days from the date of registration


Q2: Enterprises those exempt from having to register social security fund.


Answer Every enterprises those have at least 1employees need access to social security systems.


Who are not in these regulations?

(1)  Government employee, Permanent Employee, Daily employees and hourly employees of Central Government, regional and local government, except monthly temporary employees.

(2)  Employees of foreign Government or international organization.

(3)  Employees of the employer with offices in the country and to regularly work in foreign countries.

(4)  The teacher or headmaster of the private school by law of private school.

(5)  Students, Nurse Students, Undergraduates or graduate training which under employed of schools, universities or hospitals.

(6)  Enterprise or other employees as state in the Decree as follows:

1.  Employees of Thai Barrister at law

2.  Employee of the chulabhorn Research Institute

3.  Employee of the Thai red cross

3.1 Employee of the offices of the national science and technology development agency.

4.  Employees of state enterprises by state enterprise laborrelation law

5.  Employee of Agricultural enterprise, fishing enterprise, forest planting and animal development enterprise which does not employ throughout the year, and do not have other works involved.

6.  Employees of employers who hire them to work occasionally as a manner or as a temporary or as seasonal occasion

7.  Employees of the employer that is a person which is their work don’t have any business involvement.

8.  Employees of employers who operate a stall trade or peddler trade.


Q3: New employee registration, employee who has never register the social security and employee who had beenregister the social security already, Employerneed to declare of the registrationwithin how many days and what are registration documents?


Answer Employees registration.


In case of new employee never register social security

(1)  A delivery book of insurer (สปส1-02)

(2)  Insurer registration form(สปส 1-03) with the following attachment:

-   A copy or identification card photo or a copy or photo of house registration with insurance name.

-   In case of foreigner, the attached documents are:

-   A copy or photograph of the foreign work permit(Work Permit) and copy or passport photos or Self declaration documents. If employee does not have documents above cannot be held registration.


In case of employees had beenregistered social security

(1)  Insured registration form for employees who had been submitted (สปส 1-03) to register social security already (สปส 1-03/1) within 30 days since the date the employee attendance.


*In case of the ownership alone, Owner is the employer that cannot register as their insurer.


Q4: Enterprises with employees from1 people.  Does employer must register social security and social compensation fund for every employee in the workplace?


Answer Enterprise with at least 1 employee.  Employer has to notify the employee insured registration with within 30 daysand the employee must be aged not less than15 year old andexceed60 year old, for employees at the age ofless than15 year old or exceed60 year old no need to register social security but register compensation fund instead.


Q5: Do enterprises with foreign employees need to register?


Answer Employer who employed foreigners work reorganization. If foreigners arrive in Thailand legally, employer must register social security, which will receive benefits as the insured Thai.


Q6: How many % of the delivery rate of contributions to social securityfund, by calculation from the pay per month?


Answer To store contributions to social security fund to reimburse the benefits paid to the insured. Office of social security store both employer and employee, each 5% of employment rate by calculating from theemployee payroll which is determined fromthe minimum monthly wage per month1650 baht and highest per month 15000 baht.


Q7: How many insurance coverage cases of social security fund, in whichcases are there?


Answer There are 7cases of gettinginsurance social security fund benefits, they are:

(1)  Compensation benefits in case of dangerous or illness

(2)  Compensation benefits in case of giving birth

(3)  Compensation benefits in case of disabilities.

(4)  Compensation benefits in case of dies

(5)  Compensation benefits in case ofsubstitution of child welfare

(6)  Compensation benefits in case of substitution when senility

(7)  Compensation benefits in case of substitution ofunemployment.


* Terms and Conditions of compensation benefits in accordance with the delivery period of contributions.


Q8: Which enterprises must register compensation fund?How long for the registration? Whatare required documents for registration?


Answer Employer with at least 1 employee mustenroll employer registration and enroll employee registration for their insurancewithin 30 days and when there are more new employees into work must notify the employee registration within 30 days too. Theregistration documents arethe same as security fund registration.


Q9: How long does employer need to declare of compensation fund registration? What are required documents?


Answer Employee registration, in case of new employee and never register and employee those had been registered, employer must declare to register within30 days since employment date, required documents are the same as to enroll the social security fund.


Q10: Do enterprises with foreign employees must enrollcompensation fund?


Answer The employer who employs foreigner, If the employment to work in Thailand is legally, employer must enroll social security in which gaining social benefit as the Thai.


Q11: Which enterprises are exempted not to enroll compensation fund?


Answer Enterprises those are exempted not to enroll compensation fundare:

1.  The Central Government, regional government and local government

2.  State Enterprise, by law of State Enterprise Relations.

3.  Employer businesses private school law of private school Only in the section about the teacher or headmaster

4.  Employer those operate not for economic profit

5.  Employer as defined in Ministry’s rules as follows:

5.1  The employers those operate Agricultural works, fishery and forestry those do not employ a whole year and do not include other works.

5.2  The employer as an individual that has employee who does not do business too

5.3  The employer which boosted peddler’s trade


Q12: How many % of the submitted contribution rate to compensation fund? By calculation from the pay per month?


Answer Contribution Rate those contribute to compensation fund is 0.2-1.0% depending on the types of enterprise, first 4 year constantly, year 5 and next will be decreased or increased depend of the rate of dangerous or illness from work of employee, normally employer pay yearly. Calculate from a whole year wage of employment but not more than bath 240,000per year


Q13: in what cases would receive coverage of compensation? There are:


Answer Insurer will receive coverage compensation from compensation fund in 3 cases as the following:

1.  The case was due to illness or accident from working, be entitled to receive compensation, which consists of:

1.1  Treatment cost

1.2  Monthly repayment

1.3  Cases of loss of limb or loss of performance.

1.4  If refresh competence in working

2.  Case of disability due to work will receive monthly compensation for a periodof 15 years and if necessary to get refreshed competence will receiverefresh competence too.

3.  If case of dead or missing because of work will get:

3.1  Value to cremate

3.2  A monthly compensation for 8 years.


* The insured will receive coverage benefit from the compensation fund since the first day of working.


Compensation Fund

The rate of payment for compensation fund (contributions)

Company (employer) must be paid to social security annually for monetary compensation fund for all employees.


The annual payment rate calculation method

Culculate a combination of employee's salary per year (not more than20000 baht / person)per risk rate (rate changes by typeof business that official will do the assessment, the rate is inbetween(0.2-1%)


For example

CompanyCO with all 3 employees

Mr.A salary 10000 baht.

Mr.B salary 40000 baht.

Mr.C salary 20000 baht.

(10000 + 20000 + 20000) month × 0.2     =   1,200 bath 

The case that the company just register with social security, calculated fromthe number of months that register until the end of the year, for example, the companyCO enroll November2553 (2010)


For example

CompanyCO with all 3 employees

Mr.A salary10000 baht.

Mr.B salary40000 baht.

Mr.C salary20000 baht.

(10000 + 20000 + 20000)× 2month × 0.2=      200 baht



In case that company has opened for long times, the social security office will mail notification rate paid for financial compensation fund every December of every year with evaluation rate billกท 26 for informing the rate that employer must pay for the year to come and กท 20 for conclusion of employment rate those payable last year. If the real expense is more than the officer expectation Company must pay the rest. If the real expense is less than the officer expectation then company can make a claim


For example

CompanyCO with all 3 employees,employee payroll of year2553 (2010) is 600000 baht, officer send employee measurement rate of year 2554 at 600,000 bath by calculate risk rate at 0.2% hence company must pay for compensation fund 1,200 baht.



Employer who has made the employee payment contribution must paid and delivered as part of the employer in the equal amount of  all employees contributions those have been deducted together with documentationsสปส 1-10 section1 and สปส 1-10 section2 or make an electronic information by:

1.  Send to regional social security offices, province,/ branches byyourself in cash or cashier chequeor via postal mail within the date15th of the next month or:

2.  Pay via Krung Thai Bank plc or Bank of ayudhya public company limited or SCIB bankpublic company limited branches in which located in the provinces

3.  Pay with the e-payment of City bank public company limited, Sumiho corporate bank of Ayudhya bank public company limited, Bank of Sumitomo Mitsui Corporation at

To submit contributions exceeded the dead line date or submitted less than required amount must responsible for payment more in the rate of 2% of the rest / month and must pay at social security of the area or province of social security or province social security branch only. 


Compensation Fund

    Financial contributions are money those employer has paid into compensation fund only, Those will request to pay in a yearly basis, by notified amount of money in which employer has paid to employer total amount a whole year from every employee.( not more than 240,000bath/year/employee) multiply by the rate of contribution of type of industry, normally in between 0.2-1.0%, employer will pay financial contribution in the core different rate depend on the risk of each business category.

In the first year, employer must pay contributions within30 days since date offirst employment, for the next coming year will pay within every January. Financial contributions those required to be paid in the early year are calculated from the expected rate of  employment those might not equal to the real employment rate because of  during the year employer may  increase /decrease employees, balance employment rate etc. Hence in every February of the year, employer must declare a whole year amount of last year employment to social security office again for comparison to financial contribution those save in the early period year, Once the amount of the last year real rate is higher than expected employ rate those being the cause of the last year less contribution saving then officer will request to collect more within March 31of present year. If a whole year amount of employment less than the year before those caused amount of financials contribution are too much getting higher to be true then once auditing to employer account if employment rate I lower than expectation employer will get financial contribution back.